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Божественная комедия. Квинто Мартини.

"I grasp hold of art and she will not let me go and I do not give her up"

The dominant theme of the life of Quinto Martini, constant in self-presentations he made, was his passion for art and for his artistic work. Working for him was a "disease" and equally a "therapy", an inexhaustible reason of pleasure and in any case always a compelling reason with his life.

Quinto Martini considered art an absolute and almost incommunicable dimension of the spirit "of art an artist speaks seriously only when he makes it" writes in a note without date, and an artist reveals himself only through his works: "I work a lot, because I believe that only working it is possible to solve all those deep problems of art that intelligence could never settle through abstraction. An artist who has a commitment to himself has a commitment with the society".

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